In times of need we assemble our Jiu-Jitsu brothers and sisters for support. We belong to a fraternity that relies on itself to support our elders and masters when the time arises. That time is now… It is time to show the Honor, Loyalty, and Respect that a true Grand Master and pioneer of Brazilian […]

Don’t tell me it can’t be done!

  I know this is not a BJJ or MMA based post.  It simply transcends sports in general. My best friend growing up in Maine has achieved what most would consider seemingly impossible.  I don’t need to write much more.  Just know since 3rd grade Tanner Grover has been coaching basketball from an electric wheelchair.  […]

Kids Boxing has arrived at Tomacelli Academy

WELCOME TO TOMACELLY ACADEMY’S NEWEST YOUTH PROGRAM: OLDSCHOOL BOXING CLASS WITH TOMMY WISH Local legend and boxing guru,  Tommy Wish, takes the helm of the kids class here at Tomacelli Acadademy.  With a plethora of fight experience and knowledge coach Tommy will not only help forge your child’s moral compass, but he will also make sure your kids […]

Fallen: The Story of Mateus “Matt” Castro

On Thursday 6:45 am, October 1st, 2015, Tomacelli Jiu Jitsu Academy lost a valued member of our family: Mateus Castro, known by friends as Matt. He was a man of great passion, talent, and humility. Matt’s presence as a teammate, a friend, and a brother will be irreplaceable at our academy. Matt, a highly experienced […]

Pushing limits

This is Max. He is awesome. Trained til he puked tonight. One double jointed thumbs up after puking in front of the gym. The best part was the pretty girl who pulled up in a Benz to ask him for directions whilst heaving. Hahaha. #howweroll #tomacelliacademy #bjj #crushlimits #nogi WWW.TOMACELLIACADEMY.COM

Little Chimps are here!

The Little Chimps Body Control and Core Concepts class is a new addition to the Tomacelli Academy class line up of 2015.  This program is designed to heighten your child’s body awareness and motor control skills.  This is an area that is lacking in many physical education programs offered. The exercise and drills, turned challenges […]