Tomacelli Academy Belt Testing: August 2013

Once or twice a year Tomacelli Academy hosts it’s belt testing.  It tends to be a long, arduous day of testing, more often than not, exceeding 7hrs of testing.  Putting to the test one’s mental and physical fortitude.

This time it was even more grueling.  Between the heat and the humidity we trudged through almost 10hrs straight!  As per usual my students who were a part of the testing stopped talking to me after hour five.  This is the norm.  Haha.

Holding true to the Master Joe Moreira way, we put the gloves on after all of the technique was over, and put the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the true test….  After all, what good is it if you can’t stop a striker?

Some stopped the heavy hands with their heads, and some with their bodies.  Usually it only takes a few landed blows for the technique to really kick in, but it always does!

It is a necessity that these men can rely on their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whether caught fair and square, behind the reactionary curve, or when utterly depleted mentally and physically.

Some finish in one shot, and some finish in two.  The only requirement is that you realize your mental and physical limits and give a Samurai’s effort to topple them.

These gentlemen did just that.  Those of you who either participated, or came just to support, all know that these tests are not for the faint of heart, but only for truest of Jiu-Jitsu men.  You are their witnesses.

Congratulations to Hussein Elgohary for achieving the rank of Blue Belt.  Hussein has trained harder than most over the past year and a half and it showed throughout his testing.  Showing a multitude of submissions throughout the classic Team Moreira “Blood Time”, he made a statement as great as the pyramids from the country which he hails from!

Congratulations to Jorgé “El Tejón” Bustos for achieving the rank of Purple Belt.  Jorgé is one of my original students.  He was one of the four students that came with me from Master Moreira’s academy in 2007.  After a brief year or so M.I.A. he came back stronger than ever.  This he proved as he collected armbars throughout the day!

Congratulations to Garrett Whitman for achieving the rank of Purple Belt.  Garrett, like Jorgé, took a little time off to pursue his golfing career…. yes that is exactly what it sounds like.  Golfer turned Grappler turned amateur MMA fighter.  Who would’ve made those connections?  A damn fine fighter he turned out to be at that.  Again a definitive comeback was made.  Pushing his body to a limit never before seen by himself or his teammates, he achieved the task set before him!

Well done gentlemen well done!

Special thanks to our volunteer strikers: Lee Zwonitzer, Bill, Napolean Lechuga, Andy Thewes, Adrian Gutierrez, Oscar, and Martin Pena.  I know this wreaks havoc on your limbs and joints, but it is more than appreciated.