SASDEF KIDS. The best kind of summer fun!

SASDEF KIDS.  The best kind of summer fun! Tomacelli is proud to announce another new member of the coaching staff.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt and Self Defense specialist Professor Mike Postil, as well as the founder of SASDEF: Situational Awareness Self-Defense, brings to your children the knowledge and skill sets needed for your children to not only […]

Raw. Cold Pressed. Organic. Juiced. Fuel

Everyone at Tomacelli Academy knows how crazy I am about clean fuel for the body. So in lieu of just talking about the fuel I choose for my body, and instead of just showing you on Instagram and Facebook posts, I have decided to put the proper fuel at your fingertips for optimum performance on […]


In times of need we assemble our Jiu-Jitsu brothers and sisters for support. We belong to a fraternity that relies on itself to support our elders and masters when the time arises. That time is now… It is time to show the Honor, Loyalty, and Respect that a true Grand Master and pioneer of Brazilian […]

Kids Boxing has arrived at Tomacelli Academy

WELCOME TO TOMACELLY ACADEMY’S NEWEST YOUTH PROGRAM: OLDSCHOOL BOXING CLASS WITH TOMMY WISH Local legend and boxing guru,  Tommy Wish, takes the helm of the kids class here at Tomacelli Acadademy.  With a plethora of fight experience and knowledge coach Tommy will not only help forge your child’s moral compass, but he will also make sure your kids […]

Fallen: The Story of Mateus “Matt” Castro

On Thursday 6:45 am, October 1st, 2015, Tomacelli Jiu Jitsu Academy lost a valued member of our family: Mateus Castro, known by friends as Matt. He was a man of great passion, talent, and humility. Matt’s presence as a teammate, a friend, and a brother will be irreplaceable at our academy. Matt, a highly experienced […]

A Proper Welcome Back for Old Friends.

A WARRIOR CLASS WELCOME HOME: It’s a funny thing how jiu-jitsu players welcome back old friends.  It’s an inexplicable urge and an undeniable impulse to show how much they have missed you have missed them.  A proper ass kicking is always in order. …besides the actual roll and who won or lost…. It’s all well […]