Tomacelli Academy: Combatives w/Mike & Mr. Smith

Combatives class at Tomacelli Academy covers the mental, emotional, physical, and reactive scenarios of the common, and/or atypical, confrontational situations that one may face at the most inopportune an unforeseen time. We strive to create the same adrenaline dump that one would experience in a real world confrontational situation. This adrenaline dump, that you get […]

Happy New Year

This was a very special week leading up to the New Year at Tomacelli Academy.  My coach Joe Moreira was kind enough to gift a cage and new Zebra mats to the entire team.  The Academy was closed for a week prior to the new year.  The whole team came together during this time to […]

Tomacelli Academy Belt Testing: August 2013

Once or twice a year Tomacelli Academy hosts it’s belt testing.  It tends to be a long, arduous day of testing, more often than not, exceeding 7hrs of testing.  Putting to the test one’s mental and physical fortitude. This time it was even more grueling.  Between the heat and the humidity we trudged through almost […]