Dave Jansson

OC Muay Thai
I first met Dave Jansson back in the day at Southcoast Kickboxing & Joe Moreira Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu off of Harbor Blvd. in Costa Mesa, CA.  I think I was a blue belt back then, and one thing was for sure.  Watching the intensity of Kru Jansson’s Muay Thai class intimidated the shit out of me but always intrigued me.

His methods and results were sound in logic and idea. The more I watched the more I realized I needed Dave’s knowledge, yet I was a pure Jiujitsuman back then, and didn’t understand that getting hit wasn’t the end of the world 🙂

We have touched base over the past seven or eight years and tried to get some joint memberships going between both of our schools.  Time passed.  Next thing I know he has two training camps in the Philippines, and is the head coach at the Affliction Training Center in Long Beach.

Now I have expanded my horizons….Welcoming Dave’s OC Muay Thai into the Academy.

While Dave was busying building his empire in LB and the Phillipines, I was building one of my own.  My goal seven years ago, in 2009, became to assemble all of my favorite coaches and mentors under one roof.  Dave Jansson now completes my B.A.M.F. coaching staff.  His name is now alongside UFC greats like Marco Ruas and Joe Moreira, local boxing legend Tommy Wish, and our resident Combatives guru Ken Smith.

Simply and undeniably a great addition to the Academy family.

Check out Dave’s Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am Muay Thia classes at Tomacelli Academy.

If you would like to see out membership information or privatized training with Dave then please email info@tomacelliacademy.com to get started!

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