EDC – Every Day Carry with Blaise “the Operator” Loong. Experts like this are rare.

EDC - Every Day Carry with Blaise "the Operator" Long

EDC – Every Day Carry with Blaise “the Operator” Long

EDC – Every Day Carry with Blaise “the Operator” Loong.

In today’s day and age it is illogical to rely on law enforcement to protect you at a second’s notice. It is just not possible for our boys in blue to get to you, or I, that fast. The simple reality is that you are your only defense while your back up in blue is in route.  Sometimes you don’t get back up in time, or at all…  It’s a hard thought to comprehend, but it is the truth.
It’s time for you to take your safety, your family’s safety, your friends safety, and the safety of others around you into your own hands.

Blaise Loong is an expert in almost all things combat.  Here are a some pertinent points:

-Student of Dan Inosanto since 1979. Authorized instructor of the Jun Fan Martial Arts (Bruce Lee’s fighting method) & The LaCoste/Inosanto system of Filipino fighting arts since 1984.
-Trained extensively throughout the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and sought out the true Silat and Eskrima Masters.
-Combatives Instructor for US Army Special Forces since 1985.
For this seminar Blaise will be instructing with Ken Smith, Tomacelli Academy’s very own Combatives and CQC on site expert.  Blaise will be focusing on EDC, no NOT THE RAVE (so keep your extacy and glow sticks at home!), but rather what you CARRY on your persona EVERY DAY.  Hence the term; E.D.C. – EVERY DAY CARRY.
Typically in Southern California it’s pocket knives, belts, shirts, flip-flops (Yep I said flip flops!), small flashlights, etc. Blaise and Kenny always cover lot of ground intellectually and physically. Be mentally prepared.
No prior experience is needed. Just bring your self and a mind set to learn.
Protect yourself and the ones you love. This is the first step.
Let us know you are attending!
-Prof. Mike Tomacelli
Owner/Founder Tomacelli Academy