H2H Combatives & Reality Based Self Defense

Tomacelli Academy: H2H Combatives & Self Defense

Tomacelli Academy: H2H Combatives & Self Defense

Hand 2 Hand Combatives and Reality Based Self Defense…  We must always remember that there are sport rules to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and there are no such rules out on the streets.  Expert Kenny Smith, and Black Belt Mike Tomacelli take the lead on this class with over 30 years combined experience in the security industries.

Kenny and Mike have spent several years pressure testing every possible technique to see how it shows up in high stress situations.  What was the result?  We threw out what didn’t work, and kept what did.  To take it even further we have combined it into a simplistic cross platform training system.  We basically retrain your basic reactions into an offensive starting point from behind the reactionary curve.

As per usual CONTROL of the situation/assailant is the primary focus, but we also much bring in a new element; AWARENESS.  In sport fights there is always consent from both fighters, on the street you will not get that luxury.  Instead you will get a cheap shot, putting you BEHIND THE REACTIONARY CURVE.

Don’t let that happen!  Classes are every Friday from 5:30pm-6:30pm at Tomacelli Academy.  Please email Mike Tomacelli at mike@tomacelliacademy.com to schedule your first FREE CLASS.  Sign up now!

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