Marco Ruas

We are very lucky to have one of Master Joe Moreira’s best friends, and founder of Ruas Vale Tudo, Marco “King of the Streets” Ruas teaching out of Tomacelli Academy as of the beginning of 2016. Joe and Marco have been cross training each other for over two decades in Joe Moreira Jiu-Jitsu and Ruas Vale Tudo, respectively.  I’ve had the privilege to train extensively with Joe and a lot with Marco and his stable since 2005ish.  Marco offers the best training you can find and is a role model to all aspiring fighters and martial artists alike.

You can find Marco teaching group MMA class at the Academy every Friday night at 6:30pm.

If you are interested in working with Marco solo or with a friend that can happen on Fridays before his class.  Generally 3pm/4pm/5pm are hours that he dedicates to helping individuals better their game.  If you are interested please email for availability and rates.