Meet Lea Felix! Tomacelli Academy’s OFFICIAL Massage Therapist

Meet Lea. Tomacelli Academy's newest addition

Meet Lea. Tomacelli Academy’s newest addition!

Some of you may have already met Lea several years ago when Tomacelli Academy was a part of Iron Bodies gym….circa 2009ish.  She is #MEXICANRAGE’s, aka Adrian Gutierrez, one of our resident Pro MMA fighters, sister in law…and she is one helluva masseuse.  She has been honing her skills for the past five years and even includes the newest Olympic “Cupping” technique in her basic packages.  She has already worked on myself, Adrian, and UFC legend Marco Ruas.  I speak for everyone when I say she is legit and well worth the time spent with her.

Healing your body and knowing your injuries rehabilitation limits, and extending those limits gently, is what she does best!  Your body and limbs will thank you.

Currently you can find Lea Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 4pm.  Don’t be afraid to hit her up and pick her brain.  She loves what she does, and like all coaches and trainers at the Academy, she loves to share her knowledge.  It is a gift no one can take away!”


~Professor Tomacelli


If you would like to set up and appointment with Lea please email