REGEN: Jeremy Pricer

REGEN: Jeremy Pricer

Regenerative Stretching

REGEN with founder Jeremy Pricer


“Jeremy approached me one day after class and asked if he could teach what he liked to call ‘REGEN’ or better known as his ‘Regenerative Stretching’ after class one or two days a week.  Little did we know it would be so much more!  Opening up joints and letting blood in is one primary focus of REGEN, as well as properly stacking joints in the human body to attain perfect posture.  Incidentally you will also learn that perfect posture for one person, is not perfect posture for another, although the goals we try to achieve are the same.

Jeremy and his REGEN system are more than capable of taking your body to the next level of strength, structure, and flexibility.  Make it happen.  Find that missing piece of your training.”


-Professor Tomacelli
   Tomacelli Academy


Try a a class for free.  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm.  Only at Tomacelli Academy.