SASDEF KIDS. The best kind of summer fun!


SASDEF KIDS.  The best kind of summer fun!

Tomacelli is proud to announce another new member of the coaching staff.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt and Self Defense specialist Professor Mike Postil, as well as the founder of SASDEF: Situational Awareness Self-Defense, brings to your children the knowledge and skill sets needed for your children to not only survive in a time of crisis, but how to protect themselves, and potentially loved ones if need be.

These classes are a brilliant mix of serious and fun.  Kids love this class, and the outside the box thinking that comes with it.  Professor Mike Postil is often assited by Tomacelli Academy founder and head coach Professor Mike Tomacelli.

The self confidence that comes with these classes is something that will enrich the lives of your kids and help them make better decisions into the future.

-Prof. Mike

PS:  Go sign your kid(s) up for a membership now!