The Academy Doctor

The Academy Doctor

Dr. Hank R. Williams, DC

The Academy Doc

Doctor of Chiropractic and so much more.  Always living it up!

“Hank was on of my first students at the Academy circa 2007.  From the first day I met him I knew there was a certain knowledge that he possessed that was second to none and very appealing.  So as he continued to attend the Academy, I continued to learn from him.  First he talked/taught about he outward physical, then the unseen inside physical, and then only a few years ago I received and education from Hank on “nutrition” and “cellular detoxification” that changed my life.  This is what brought my body, mind, and my fight game to a whole new level of energy and true health.

Hank’s ability to learn, re-learn, and continue to further those lessons indefinitely on his own accord is very impressive and very rare.  When he speaks, he knows what he is talking about, as he chooses his words well and is able to explain very advanced body concepts with ease.

Who doesn’t like an individual who dedicates themselves to their passion and never ceases to excel at it?  That’s the “Doc” Dr. Hank Williams, DC.”

-Professor Mike Tomacelli
           Tomacelli Academy

Hank operates  his wellness center out of Laguna Beach right off of Pacific Coast Highway.
Tell the lovely lady at the front desk that Professor Tomacelli sent you.

North Laguna Beach Wellness Center

Phone number:  (714)393-6402