Black Belt Garrett Whitman

Garrett Whitman is one of three pure bred black belts that learned under my tutelage since the inception of the academy in 2007.  He has been with me since start and has become the leading edge of the academy’s brazilian jiu-jitsu competition team.  You will find him teaching evening classes almost as much as myself (Professor Tomacelli) in his own pursuit to open up the first academy affiliate in the near future.  Until then keep expecting great things from him.

Coach Garrett, as he is more fondly known to the kids, has also proven himself to have an innate ability to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the youth, and he truly loves it.  He has invested much time and passion into the kids program here at Tomacelli Academy.  It has created some of the most respectable, confidence filled, kids I have ever seen.

Honestly the best thing you can do is bring your child, or children in to try a class out, sit back, and watch what unfolds.  It could be simply awesome.

*Limited private lessons are available for both children and adults with coach Garrett.  Email for MORE INFO