Guru Jeremy Pricer

Discover the Expertise of Jeremy Pricer, Our Specialist in Regenerative Stretching & Calisthenics Conditioning.

With a focus on healing grapplers and MMA fighters, Jeremy Pricer is a master in the art of body mechanics. Under the guidance of Professor Mike Tomacelli, he has earned the title of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, showcasing his dedication to movement and control.

At Tomacelli Academy, Jeremy is known as a guru in regenerative stretching and calisthenics conditioning, constantly seeking new knowledge and techniques to help his clients achieve their goals. His expertise has made him a valuable asset to our team.

Whether you’re a fighter seeking injury recovery or anyone looking to improve flexibility and strength, Jeremy is the perfect guide on your journey. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 PM, he teaches at Tomacelli Academy, offering personalized instruction in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Visit our website to learn more about Jeremy and his expertise. Take the first step towards enhancing your body mechanics today!